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heat up. iran claims it captured an american spy drone. the duchess of cambridge in a london hospital this morning. the latest on her condition and worldwide reaction to the royal pregnancy. we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener your world in 90 seconds. >> i'm certain that if this is not good enough for the white house, we will go over the fiscal cliff. >> the white house rejects a republican counter offer. >> john boehner sent a proposal that offers more than $2 trillion in deficit reductions but no tax increase. >> he will not sign an extension of the bush era tax cuts for the top 2%. >> folks worried about the fiscal cliff, are you like me? are you worried about it and have no idea what it is? >> according to state tv iran's revolutionary guard captured a u.s. drone after it entered the iriranian air space over the persian gulf.
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>> but u.s. navy official says there are no missing drones. >> prince william and his wife katherine, expecting their first child. >> after the duchess was admitted to hospital. >> that child could grow up to be one of the most powerful unemployed people in the world. >> a search is under way in new york for a man accused of pushing another man to his death in the subway. rg3, he made opportunities. >> 17-16 washington redskins. >> all that -- >> why don't you shut up? >> you are an embarrassment. >> please shut up. just shut up. >> you shut up. >> that got annoying at the end. and all that matters. >> let the speculation begin. will and katherine are expecting a baby. but what happens if they have twins? >> the top baby names of 2012 were just announced and sophia
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is the top name for girls and aiden is the top name for boys. >> sochlt pphia and aiden. least popular, kim jong and sandusky. captioning funded by cbs republicans seem to be at a standstill. >> on monday gop leaders made their counter offer to president obama and officials quickly dismissed it. major garrett is at the white house this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie and norah. there's no prospect for a deal and not much talking going on either. for the first time there are numbers on the pieces of paper from the white house and the congressional republicans. there are disagreements from both sides of how serious those numbers are. for the first time there are boundaries to find agreement in the middle if those numbers yield themselves to politics.
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republicans put their plan in writing. the white house says it should have saved the paper and ink. republicans remain opposed to raising income tax rates. overall, their plan is lighter on taxes and heavier on spending ing cuts than the white house prefers. gop offered $800 billion in tax increases by eliminating or reducing unspecified deductions. $600 billion in entitlement cuts and $300 billion. white house wanted $600 billion in cuts but no inflation to adjustments. republicans also want to raise the eligibility age for medicare. the white house does not. there are other differences. nothing matters more to the white house than breaking gop resistance to higher taxes on the wealthy. >> the president certainly has principles here that he intends to stick to which is that he will not sign an extension of the bush era tax cuts for the top 2%. >> erskine bowles said as big as
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the divide appears, despair is premature. >> that is just like a movie theater you go through each one of these. to get a deal done i am positive you will have to have increased tax rates on the top 2%. i'm also sure that the cuts that the president put on the table for health care entitlements will not be sufficient to get the deal done. >> reporter: republicans said many of their ideas reflected ideas put forward first by erskine bowles, but mr. bowles quickly put out a statement denying that, giving the white house an opportunity to gloat and question the republican seriousness in all of this. here at the white house, the president will meet with half a dozen governors and discuss fiscal cliff issues. those governors may ask for resolution fearing political blowback at home. >> major, last night was the can
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you think -- congressional christmas party at the white house. >> reporter: sources tell me the speaker was here last night for the holiday event but did not stand in line for a picture with the president. no handshake, no talks. speaker boehner's office says he has plenty of pictures with the president. >> major garretht, thank you. now to the middle east. iran claims it shot down an american drone. the head of its navy says the unmanned surveillance plane is in iran's possession. the u.s. navy spokesman says no american drones are missing in the middle east. >> however if it's true this would be the third incident in one year involving iran and american drones. retired general richard myers, former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, is a cbs analyst analyst. good morning. >> good morning, charlie and norah. >> does this mean iran is getting more aggressive? and should the united states be concerned and what should it do? >> the u.s. has had a naval presence in the u.s. gulf for a
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considerably long time. if there's any concern here it seems that iran is being a little more aggressive as you mentioned, three drone incidents in the last year. it seems to be ramping up their attention in the area. and making claims that in this case we think are untrue about the current capture of a drone, not a u.s. drone. >> general, i want to turn to another story on the front pages of newspapers today. that is syria. and u.s. intelligence showing that they may be moving some of their stockpiles of chemical weapons. first, here was president obama yesterday, drawing a red line with syria. listen. >> i want to make it absolutely clear to assad and those under his command, the world is watching. the use of chemical weapons is and would be totally unacceptable. and if you make the tragic mistake of using these weapons, there will be consequences and you will be held accountable.
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>> so, general, does this mean we're closer to u.s. engagement? >> i don't think so at this point. as i understand it what we saw was movement or some activity in the places where they store their chemical weapons. i don't think we've seen the movement of chemical weapons forward to the point where they could be used or put on weapons. but i do think it puts syria on notice that this would be unacceptable behavior and there would be consequences for that behavior. and i like the president's words, will be held accountable. the world will be watching. these are horrific weapons, indiscriminate. men, women and children could be of course indiscriminately killed with these weapons or badly injured. i think it was good that the u.s. put syria on notice in this case. >> general, what is the trigger point for american action and what would the action be? >> that's a great point. what we do know from all reports is that there's been a lot of
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planning going on, in case there is chemical weapons activity in syria, as the assad regime feels more and more pressure from the option. what that would be i don't know. i mean if you just are talking chemical weapons, you can go after delivery vehicles aircraft artillery. you could go after stockpiles. but then there's the danger of course, of releasing chemical weapons into the atmosphere which could harm people as well. you have to be very careful. perhaps boots on the ground. at this point i think that's a long way off. i don't think -- it would take a lot of boots on the ground, i believe. and i don't think that's one of the options that anybody is considering at this point. >> if there is action would it be alone by the united states or with allies? >> ideally, it would be with allies. when you get down to it who has the capability to do the sorts of things that would need to be done? you would hope it would be with allies.
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with russian president putin's visit to turkey it looks like there might be a point now where we can start cooperating with russia on an eventual syria outcome, a syria without assad. in my view we need to look for a place to cooperate with russia. there are lot ss of areas where our interests intersect. this may be one of them. >> thank you very much, general myers. political crisis in egypt is growing, planning a general strike and massive rally outside the presidential palace. several egyptian newspapers didn't print today. private tv networks plan to shut down tomorrow. holly williams is watching it all from cairo. >> reporter: president morsi's opponents say today's protest is a final warning to the president and his islamist allies. they're expecting tens of thousands of people, perhaps more. and some of them will march on to the presidential palace. this follows days of political turmoil here in egypt, including
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protests, violent clashes. protesters are angry about two things. firstly, president morsi's power grab of 12 days ago in which he gave himself sweeping new authority, including immunity from the court. secondly they are furious about a draft constitution put to a referendum popular vote in two weeks time. critics say that gives islamic sh sharia law and fails to protect some basic freedoms. for "cbs this morning"," holly williams, cairo. now to the announcement that royal watchers waited 19 months to hear. prince william and katherine are expecting a baby. officials confirm the news on monday and also say kate will be spending the next several days in hospital. the prince went to see her this morning at london's king edward viii hospital named after his great great grandfather. mark edwards is there.
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>> reporter: good morning, norah. good morning charlie. the medical bulletin this morning, there is no medical but thein. bulletin. kate is in this hospital. she is, as you say, with prince william. she is suffering from a very acute form of morning sickness. said to be very uncomfortable to her. but at this stage not a threat to the pregnancy. prince william has come back here again this morning. this seems to be a pregnancy that the whole world is living through as well. prince william, who had taken his wife to the hospital stayed with her until late last night before leaving. his wife's condition will no doubt, be a concern for him. but doctors say kate should respond to treatment. >> it's just a severe form where you could keep down fluids not even water. and that can, obviously, become dangerous. you can become dehydrated and the aim of the admission is to rehydrate through intravenous fluids. >> reporter: kate was showing no
7:12 am
outward signs of pregnancy or illness in her last public appearance visiting her old school last week. but the illness forced the palace to announce the pregnancy well before it would like to. kate is less than 12 weeks pregnant. although people are now looking back at that appearance for any indication that something was up. is that her holding her abdomen? there were other signs. william seemed particularly pleased to be given a baby outfit recently. he kept it. and did kate politely refuse to taste that peanut-based sauce for fear of an allergic reaction? and why did she drink water, not wine at that royal toast? for a couple of rock star royals like william and kate a pregnancy is both a private matter and perhaps the most public gestation since the latest -- they only planned to be in the company of children for the great unasked question to be when the little pitter patter of feet would be heard in
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palace corridors william himself born to a superstar couple the issue of how much of the story he would become contributed to the friction between the royals and the press that still exists. but william and kate's child will make a new kind of history. all being well he or she will be third in line to the throne. there are still some legal niceties to tidy up the days when male heirs jumped to the front of the line are over. in fact, there now seems to be a traffic jam of potential monarchs to be although when this baby comes along it will be third in line behind its grandfather, prince charles and father prince william. >> mark phillips thank you. kate williams is with us now, outside buckingham palace. good morning, kate.
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>> reporter: good morning. good to speak to you. >> this is historic in some ways. whether the baby is a boy or a girl, right, they will be in line? >> reporter: absolutely. this is overturning years of tradition in britain. it's always been the boy get ss the job. and the only females who get to be queen are the ones who have no male siblings like victoria who had no siblings, elizabeth ii, who had a younger sister. this moment now if we do have a little girl first, she will be queen. that's a pretty significant moment. recently in britain, we can't have women bishops, not many ceos of companies here, not many women in the political cabinet but a girl can have the top job the royal family is saying. so really the royal family leading the way in terms of policy. >> do you think the speculation will increase about what the
7:15 am
sxwooen prince queen will do and what prince charles will do? >> there is a bit of a line of people in waiting. there's charles and william and then this baby and possibly this baby -- the royals really do live for such a long time. if they carry on like this this child might not come to the throne until it's 60 and i'm not going to be here. i might never see it. it may rule into the 22nd century. there is often speculation, will the queen abdicate will charles abdicate? that will never happen. charles has been waiting his whole life for the job. as long lived and living on and on, we may see a silver monarchy. there were much younger monarchs elizabeth ii was 25 when she came to the throne. in the future it will be the elderly monarchs, silver-head
7:16 am
monarchy, they're going to be the ones in charge. >> how is kate doing this morning? certainly they did not want to announce this. in some ways they were forced to do it because she had to go to the hospital. >> reporter: you're exactly right, norah. the palace didn't want to announce at all. we weren't expecting an announcement really possibly until the end of the year maybe the beginning of next year. their hand was forced because kate had to go to the hospital with dehydration, severe morning sickness. the baby is not 12 weeks in the womb yet which is when you usually announce it. this was a big kind of global event. kate is on the front page of most of our newspapers this morning. it's news across the world. it's been said that royal governesses have said that royals are only private in the womb before they're born. already this child is already being speculated about, already being talked about. born june july. it's a long time to wait.
7:17 am
really speculation is mounting. it's not like william. it's not like harry. it's being born into a global media world of not just the press but also everyone with camera phones and how to give this child a sort of normal childhood at the same time as being the object of scrutiny is a big challenge. >> certainly increases the fascination and affection for the royal family. kate williams thank you. >> thank you. time to show you this morning's headlines from around the globe. washington post reports fox news -- petraeus wasn't over the top military job, chairman of the joint chiefs he should resign and run for president. he ended up becoming cia director, who resigned last month over an extra marital affair. high-profile candidates mayor michael bloomberg wanted hillary clinton to succeed him. bloomberg encouraged the secretary of state to
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cloudy skies this morning. a beautiful sunrise outside from our mount vaca cam. right now most of the bay area dry although we are starting to see scattered showers in the north bay. that's what we'll see on and off today not a whole lot of rain just a few light showers wet at times in the area. temperatures this afternoon mainly into the 60s. the main rain event coming overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. showers through wednesday, drying out on thursday and friday.
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football is a violent sport, adding guns to the mix does not help. this morning, john miller looks at the tragic case of jovan belcher and why many inside the nfl are looking at the culture of guns in pro sports. and red light cameras bring in millions of dollars in tickets for cities and towns across the country. but now drivers are fighting back. filing a massive lawsuit claiming those stoplights don't give them a fair chance. >> if you're timing them too short, then it just becomes a revenue enhancement tool. >> we'll look at this program that cities love and drivers hate, on "cbs this morning."
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7:26 am
to the fire department. in the north bay meanwhile fire destroyed a house on stadler lane west of petaluma this morning. no one was home at the time. the cause of the fire is under investigation. that house a total loss. and there's a tentative contract deal now with the port of oakland. the deal is for the union that went on strike last month. ratification expected tomorrow. traffic and weather coming up right after the break. stay right there. what's that? when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit.
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just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. good morning. metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. we are seeing stop and go conditions backed up to the maze. elsewhere, once you get past this trouble, you have troubles on the upper deck. we have a stalled vehicle stuck in lanes at treasure island into san francisco. also eastbound 80 in gilman an accident in lanes westbound slow anyway along the eastshore freeway out of richmond. and highway 1 at 35 an accident on the northbound side of highway 1 and it is blocking lanes. that's a look at your morning drive. here's lawrence. >> a lot of clouds this morning
7:28 am
getting ready for the storm clouds to return to the bay area some raindrops too. in fact, looking fairly ominous there. i think the better part of the day will be dry south of the golden gate bridge but to the north, you can already see some scattered light showers headed in that direction. nothing too heavy but that will change i think overnight tonight into tomorrow. temperatures for today plan on a lot of 60s outside, staying mostly cloudy. then tonight the rain moves back in. showers continuing into wednesday. then dry weather expected on thursday and friday. and right through the weekend. gk
7:29 am
welcome back, everyone to "cbs this morning." we have disturbing new details in the murder-suicide case of nfl player jovan belcher. police tell "the kansas city star" that belcher's mother saw him kiss his girlfriend on the forehead saying he was sorry.
7:30 am
seconds after he shot her on saturday. he also kissed his baby daughter and apologized to his own mother. >> kansas city police say belcher legally owned the handgun that he used to kill kasandra perkins and then himself there. are no official numbers, but some players and coaches say 50% to 90% of nfl players own guns. jim axelrod looks at why athletes and firearms go together so often. >> i'm 21 years old, i have a lot of money in one pocket and a gun in the other pocket and i'm saying please leave me alone. >> reporter: this is former pro football player marcellus wiley, a gun control advocate speaking three years ago at the brady center about why he used to carry a gun. >> i remember taking the same gun to the nightclubs, to the restaurants where i would go eat. not to be a villain, but just really in a warped sense of mind, an identity trying to protect myself. >> reporter: unfortunately, gun violence is not a few story for the nfl. in 2006 police found six
7:31 am
firearms including two assault rifles, in the home of then chicago bears defensive tackle tank johnson. in 2008 former new york giants wide receiver plaxico burress accidentally shot himself in the leg with his own gun at a nightclub. in 2009 retired star quarterback steve mcnair was shot to death by his mistress in a murder-suicide. after the jovan belcher murder-suicide, bob costas set off a bis of a controversy when he decided to address the issue of gun control during an nfl broadcast. >> if jovan belcher didn't possess a gun, he and kasandra perkins would both be alive today. >> why do athletes love guns? the reality is this is a gun culture. lots of people own guns. >> reporter: he says the issue of guns and athletes is about youth, money, and perceived
7:32 am
power. >> the problem is that many don't outgrow their power, a new national pastime has some very deep seated issues. >> reporter: the league has had a strict gun policy in place since 1996 that prohibits players from bringing guns to any facility or event affiliated with the league. but that was not enough to stop a tragedy in kansas city this past weekend. for "cbs this morning," i'm jim axelrod in new york. >> senior correspondent john miller former fbi assistant director joins us now. how do they go about enforcing the existing gun laws? >> well what they do is -- they've got this policy and jeff miller the former head of the pennsylvania state police head of security for the nfl, john rossi, his deputy. they go team to team city to city and they sit down and go over a number of security issues, but they cover this gun policy very carefully saying every law in every state is different. you can't go traveling around
7:33 am
with it without understanding those laws. the key is this policy is very strict. it says nfl prohibitions a stadium, a facility owned or operated. that means stadiums locker rooms, hotels buses, planes. there's a strict prohibition on guns and the players are -- their cars are screened coming into stadiums for parking. so a violation of that means hitting them in the pocketbook. >> but the issue here is culture, is it not? >> well there's an argument that we've heard in the axelrod piece that it is culture. i think the nfl officials look at it from a more practical sense, which is you have a number of people who come from tough places in tough cities who now go home to see friends, to see family to visit the neighborhood, but then you have the complicating factor that in the inner city of baltimore, and
7:34 am
you're stopped at a light with $100,000 worth of jewelry and a gold bentley convertible, you are a target. that's on the profile side. on the personal side you have sean taylor, who was killed if a home invasion where he was the target because they believed he was rich and he had money in the house. on a personal security basis, they address this as a reality they have to deal with. >> strong supporters of the second amendment always say that it's guns don't kill people, people kill people. their argument also too would be does this obscure this discussion about guns in the nfl, obscure the discussion about what is domestic violence. i mean his killed his girlfriend, the mother of his 3-month-old baby. >> and that would be another discussion. i would revert to the profilers about what are the characteristics of the murder-suicide, and was the gun obtained for the purpose of that? was this part of a plan? in this case that's probably not entirely clear. in fact, the investigation is still focused on where did this gun come from? was it his or someone else's?
7:35 am
so i guess my point is if someone's planning to do something like that and they're determined, there's very little in terms of either regulations or law that's going to stop them. >> so what's the next step? as you pointed out, the nfl has some clear policy guidelines and prohibitions about where these players can take their guns. do you think they take it a step further? >> i don't think there is a next step here except they're going to reinforce that message. but also we have obtained a copy of the nfl players' personal security guide. this booklet tells them what to do to stay safe, and 30 pages, it doesn't say anything about if you have a gun. what it says is have your house alarmed when you're away and while you're asleep. have a panic room installed with the hinges on the inside and a charged cell phone inside. so they're playing defense, not offense in the personal security rules. >> but the tragedy here clearly has renewed the discussion about what ought to be done. >> and as
7:36 am
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jack black when you guys were being saluted last night, did a tremendous job. he said your music was about sex, was about vikings, was about vikings having sex. [ laughter ] after that weekend, it feels like we're all -- like i ought to be in the band, doesn't it? >> no. >> no. no, he says. no, it doesn't.
7:41 am
>> you were just with led zeppelin you interviewed them, right? >> remarkable. so great to see them and see how they were so treated by awesome people at the kennedy center honors. including david letterman. >> those interviews will be coming up in just a couple weeks. also we recently reported on those red light cameras that snap a picture of your license plate if you run the light. this morning, new york city is facing a class action lawsuit. as mark strassmann reports, the city is accused of rigging the lights to catch more drivers and get more tickets and more money. >> reporter: they're gotcha cameras mounted at intersections. their photos catch and help ticket drivers running red lights. new york city had them first in 1998. red light cameras are to prevent the very dangerous t-bone crashes where you have the front of one vehicle running into the side of another. we are in favor in concept of red light cameras, but they have
7:42 am
to be done to certain engineering criteria. >> reporter: by federal law, they have to have time to get through a yellow light, three second at the typical 30-mile-per-hour intersection. back in october, engineers at aaa new york discovered a problem. at some city intersections with the cameras, the yellow lights were almost a half second too fast. red light violators who later had to pay up now feel set up. >> when the amber lights are too short, people are getting cited we think unfairly. if you're timing them too short it becomes a revenue enhancement tool and it erodes support for a red light camera program. >> reporter: brian hughes paid a $50 fine after a camera caught him running a red light in manhattan in 2010. >> a $50 ticket might not seem like a lot of money to some people, but it's a lot to me at the end of the day. so it makes me overly hesitant when i drive. >> reporter: hughes is part of a class action suit alleging fraud against the city of new york and its 150 red light cameras. they help generate more than
7:43 am
$235 million in fine revenue the last five years. $47 million last year alone. >> the city in this case and many other municipalities have a great incentive to shorten the duration of the yellow lights. >> reporter: the new york city department of transportation in a statement said there has been no substantiation that any red light cameras
7:44 am
here come the clouds again streaming across our skies. right now, fairly dry in most of the bay area. over coit tower you can see cloudy skies there now. they will continue to thing up as we head throughout the day and even a chance of some light sprinkles and light showers in the north bay. our high-def doppler radar is already picking up on some of that but most of it north to the golden gate bridge. dry in the south bay that changes tonight rain expected across the bay area tonight and tomorrow morning. dry on thursday and friday. important news. there's a flu warning out this morning and the news is not good. we'll show you why the year's flu is so threatening and why a flu shot is extra important. that's next on "cbs this morning."
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7:49 am
great news. it's official. prince william and kate middleton are expecting! [ applause ] yeah, they don't know whether it's going to be a boy or a girl, but they do know it's not going to work a day in its life. >> good life to be a royal. >> yes exactly. but a lot of scrutiny as well. >> when queen victoria had her first baby in 1841 bells rang all over britain toably the news. now we have the internet. >> it is also highlighting a well-known complication on pregnancy. we'll get an update on catherine's condition and we'll speak with a mom who endured with the very same problem with severe morning sickness.
7:50 am
but right now, dr. holly phillips had a warning about this year's very dangerous flu season. >> reporter: good morning. today on health watch, the flu too soon. flu season has kicked off to its earliest start in almost a decade and it's shaping up to be a bad one. the centers for disease control say the worst of it so far is in tennessee, mississippi, alabama, louisiana, and texas, where they have reported an up tick in cases not usually seen until january. flu-related hospitalizations are also up and two flu-related deaths have been reported in children. the primary strain this season is known to cause more severe illness and is particularly hard on the elderly. but there is good news. this year's flu shot is well-matched for the circulating strains so vaccination should be highly effective. an estimated 120 million
7:51 am
americans have already been vaccinated this year but we can do even better. only 37% of americans eligible for the vaccine actually get it. the shot is recommended for everyone older than 6 months and the cdc is encouraging people to get it now before rates of infection rise further. in this case an ounce of prevention can stop the flu in its tracks. i'm dr. holly phillips. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do. yo, give it up, dude! up high! ok. don't you have any usefull apps on that thing? who do you think i am, quicken loans? ♪ ♪ at quicken loans our amazingly useful mortgage calculator app allows you to quickly calculate your mortgage payment based on today's incredibly low interest rates... right from your iphone or
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the only time i've ever had a break is when i was on maternity leave. i have retired from doing this one thing that i loved. now, i'm going to be able to have the time to explore something different. it's like another chapter.
7:55 am
you say you're not interfearing, but iran is interfering by all accounts. >> are you ever overwhelmed by your legacy? >> one of the questions that comes up from a place like haiti, there are pledges and there are promises but how much of that gets delivered? >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good morning, everyone. it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. the president of the santa clara county board of supervisors is being ordered to reimburse the county nearly
7:56 am
$13,000. an internal audit shows george shirakawa junior used a county procurement card for personal expenses. there was nobody home when police went to a home burglary in sandalwood court in east san jose this morning but officers did find hundreds of marijuana plants growing inside along with chemicals that promised a call to the fire department. >> stay with us. we'll be right back.
7:57 am
good morning. let's go live to the san mateo bridge this morning. you can see traffic is a little slow and go as you work your way westbound headed towards foster city. mostly at the toll plaza. heading into hayward not bad. bay bridge slow so that's sluggish also. now off the eastshore freeway, traffic is sluggish as well mostly on the westbound side. here's a live look at the a.c. transit bus that's out and about, it's slow and go there. and westbound 580 at greenville we have an accident stuck in lanes. lawrence. >> a lot of clouds outside this morning. we are getting ready for the next round of rainfall most of
7:58 am
that just going to be light to begin with. looking toward the san jose area it is dry there. but plenty of clouds to be found. we are seeing scattered light showers on our high-def doppler radar just beginning to move in along the north bay and along the coast more of that throughout the day today but the main front not moving in until later tonight and into tomorrow morning. so mostly dry to the south. a chance of sprinkles and light showers to the north. temperatures mainly in the 60s. looks like tonight rain is pick up then showers tomorrow morning. drying out on thursday and friday. +1
7:59 am
♪ ♪ . 2k3w50d morning. it's 8:00. welcome back to "cbs this morning." kate is having a royal baby but also has acute morning sickness. we'll look at this little known condition that affects thousands of moms to be every year.
8:00 am
millions of pop fans are going one direction. we'll show you how they've taken the world by storm one day after they sold out madison square garden. first here is a look at today's "eye opener at 8:00." >> the president has principles he intends to stick to. >> just 28 days away from the fiscal cliff. talks seem to be at a standstill. >> there's no deal. not even a prospect for a deal and they there's not much talking going on either. >> iran claims it shot down an american drone. the head of its navy says the unmanned surveillance plane is in iran's possession. >> does this mean iran is getting more aggressive. >> seems to be ramping up their attention in the area and making claims we think are untrue. >> prince william and katherine are expect ag baby. officials confirmed the news on monday and said kate will be spending the next several days in the hospital. >> this is the first world child. it's not like william or harry. it's been born into a global
8:01 am
media world. football is a violent sport. adding guns to the mix doesn't help. >> the nfl has clear policy guidelines and prohibitions where the players can take their guns. you think they take a step further? >> if someone is planning to do something like that and they're determined, there's very little that will stop them. >> this is the pregnancy everyone has been waiting for. >> a lot of scrutiny as well. >> good news from great britain. princess kate and prince william are expecting a baby. the bad news is prince harry already planned a huge baby shower in vegas. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. gayle king is back and the duke and duchess of cambridge are adding new titles son-to-be father and mothers. >> officials reveal kate is in a
8:02 am
london hospital and will be there for several days. mark phillip is at king edward hospital. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah, charlie and gayle. welcome to the international frenzy. the most famous royal fetus in waiting has attracted. princess kate is in the hospital suffering from what we're told is acute morning sickness which in her case seems to be all day sickness. she's been treated, doctors say, with intravenous fluids and knew rischment for her and the child. the father-to-be prince william arrived here this morning. he brought her here yesterday and will be by her side today. we're also anticipating the arrival of her parents. the palace says she may be in the hospital for two or three days and go into a sustained period of rest afterwards. the sickness is debilitating and very unpleasant for her. we're told it's not at this stage any threat to the pregnancy.
8:03 am
she needs quiet time and the kind of treatment that she's getting here. we're anticipating all being well, a royal birth sometime next june or july where this child, whether it's a boy or a girl will be the next monarch in waiting. third in line to the throne after its father and its grandfather. of course, the queen is still there and showing no signs of leaving. >> mark phillips thank you. ann marie king was treated for hg during her pregnancy ten years ago. she later founded a support group for women with the condition. you know exactly how she feels and what she's going through. don't really call this acute morning sickness. you say that doesn't do it just tis. >> that's why it's called hyperemesis gravidarum. morning sickness is about vomiting, that goes hand in hand. she's actually malnourished from her excessive vomiting. she's dehydrated.
8:04 am
that's why she was placed in the hospital because she cannot keep anything down. she's probably very weak. so she needs ivs and vitamins. >> what causes hg? >> well, they believe it's hormones. different hormone levels. but there's not enough research out there to really say for sure what's causing it. >> how long do you think -- you had this. how long are the hospitalizations and how long are you sick for? >> well it depends -- every woman has a different story. some women have it all the way up until birth. some women have it -- most hg women go to about 20 weeks. it definitely does not end in the first trimester. many women go with home health care go home and home health care, just have the ivs at home. they get hospitalized numerous times. this could be -- if she doesn't get home health care she could end up back in the hospital. >> people who have this is there any indication about the nature of the pregnancy? >> no there is not.
8:05 am
>> your husband who is with you says it's like having the worst food poisoning and then trying to have a baby. is your phone at your website ringing off the hook? >> yes. it is ringing off the hook. our foundation started ten years ago. we kind of have been praying for someone -- a public figure to speak out about it because we knew that was the only way it was going to get the recognition it needed. and, you know, this is a woman's health care -- international women's health care problem that needs attention. it needs research. people need to educate themselves on it. this is not just morning sickness. family members, friends, they need to be compassionate with these women. they need to know that this is real and it is not just morning sickness. these women are not just being weak. >> ann marie king, thank you so much. another fashionable woman is making news.
8:06 am
anna went tower is being considered to be the next ambassador to britain or france. she raised more than half a
8:07 am
most performers can oy most performers can only dream about playing madison square garden, but one direction's dream just came true, and 20,000 screaming fans were there to see it. we'll take a look at this boy band's phenomenal success "just because you're beautiful" next on "cbs this morning." ♪ ♪ >> announcer: this portion of
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8:11 am
♪ ♪ okay. it's catch think. cho years ago the members of one
8:12 am
direction hadn't even met. now their two albums have debuted at number one. the five boys hit the stage last night at the world's most famous arena. >> reporter: with posters and narnts toew, thousands descended to new york city. >> we love one direction! >> one direction's debut concert at madison square garden immediately shared by fans on youtube. >> so what would you do to see one direction tonight? >> absolutely anything. >> reporter: with about 20,000 concert seats and about 320 events a year madison square garden is the third busiest venue in the world. one direction's show here sold out within minutes. >> i think when you headline madison square garden, that's still a moment of arrival that means you've gotten to another place. ♪ baby you light up my world like nobody else ♪
8:13 am
>> reporter: love them or hate them, this british boy band has been the next big thing since last year when their first alum "up all night" topped the charts in 16 country. they were discovered two years ago during the reality show "x factor." ♪ you don't know you're beautiful ♪ >> reporter: like boy bands of the past, one direction offers a little bit of everything. there's there's nye y'all, zayn liam and louie and they draw a lost girls. >> what makes them extra special for the girls who watch them is this energy, this palpable energy and this fun they bring to everything they do. ♪ tonight let's get some and live while we're young ♪ >> off stage the tabloids report their version of fun may not be
8:14 am
as wholesome as parents would like. judging from last night, it's going to take more than a few rumors to send one direction any direction but up. for "cbs this morning," i'm terrell brown in new york. >> joe leavy is with us now at the table, editor of "billboard msh magazine. parents were killing themselves $800 for sikts last night. >> $800 would have been an inexpensive seat. on the secondary ticket market -- what makes this weeks. >> specifically the question you asked. you put me on the spot and i'm going to go with the hair. i love their hair. they're doing something different with it on the second record, a little shorter and styled more closer to the head. >> clearly you have a sense of mum or. what is it about them really?
8:15 am
>> it always is great pop songs. really what it is with boy bands, we get one like this every four years or so you're in the fifth grade. you love a band you get up to the ninth grade, you graduate to another and now there's a bunch of other fifth graders who need their own special boy band. it's cute safe particularly for young girls. this is well drafted pop music aimed at a tween market. >> mostly young girls? >> yes. for this kind of music it is. and it has been for a while going back to new kids on the block, maybe the osmonds before them, back to the start of the whole rock 'n' roll world with girls screaming for the beatles. >> are they the same as who can hit snit. >> there is a formula, but they're not all the same. it doesn't always work. these guys have two singles crafted by swedish pop songwriters who were working with britney spears and the back street boys ten years ago.
8:16 am
you can't make it happen. >> how much do you think they're making a year? >> sony estimates that this is a $50 million business this year and they see it as a $100 million next year. double in a year's time. >> it's catchy. my kids sing it. you're right about the phenomena of boys bands, whether in sync, i even remember manudo. it's perfect for teenage girls. >> it absolutely is. this music is really designed to be a starter kit for pop fandom. "you don't know you're beautiful" is the perfect song for an insecure girl. i find it hard to believe you don't know you're beautiful. you know charlie. >> some of the lyrics are little suggestive. the song little things you've never loved the stomach of your thighs but i'll love them
8:17 am
endlessly. >> that does suggest that perhaps the singer has seen a girl in a state of undress. that is a song by a guy who has written a couple of guys for one direction who is shaping up as a great pop songwriter. it's a little suggestive but only a tiny bit. >> how long do they have in terms of the fascination with them and what happens when that fascination is over? >> excellent question. i wishi knew exactly how long. it really is -- another year at least, but maybe more. they're doing a lot of work they've had two albums at the top of the billboard charts in the course of 12 months. >> i'm the cultural historian. >> you can tell he's in to one direction. it's always boy bands and never girl bands. let's think about that next time. >> i will try to come back with a girl band. >> richard lewis has been a big-time comic since the 1970s. lucky for us he's still full of doubts and fears and
8:18 am
self-loathing. we'll see what's bugging him these days. ahead on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by international delight coffee creamers. what's your i.d.? sglfrnlths sglaefrnlths maybe you can be there; maybe you can't. when you have migraines with fifteen or more headache days a month,
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you see this guy stealing an apple. is he going to drive the truck? he checked out a backpack before running off with the am. welcome back to "cbs this morning." >> would have made my day if he'd taken that vehicle. >> you were waiting for a little bit more. >> i was sort of waiting for that, too, charlie. cooking at home is back in a big way, so chefs in the know are stocking their kitchens with some pretty high quality cookware. >> this morning, we'll
8:23 am
8:24 am
(car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. have contained a massive house fire in pe good morning, everybody. it is 8:25. i'm frank mallicoat with your cbs 5 headlines. firefighters have contained a massive house fire in petaluma. crews were called out around 3:30 this morning at stadler lane. flames destroyed the house.
8:25 am
no one was home at the time. the cause is under investigation. but there is no sign that this fire was suspicious. muni metro service back to normal on market street in san francisco this morning. a blown transformer stopping the trains about 6:00 last night. overnight workers got that power restored earlier than expected so trains halted last night are running again for the morning commute. and work is ongoing to repair a big sinkhole in lafayette but the project could take months. part of mountain view take a look, collapsed. the drive there in the storm there on sunday. east bay m.u.d. has been using heavy equipment to work on two water lines, gas and sewer lines that were damaged with the sinkhole. traffic and weather coming up.
8:26 am
welcome se my d you are? your worst nightmare mr. box. since you foolishly brought back your bonus jack! i have copied your two pure beef patties, lettuce, melting cheese, pickles, and middle bun, plus fries and a drink for $4.49. and now you will tell me what is in your secret sauce!! uh, i think i know.
8:27 am
"we all know," "pretty obvious." you couldn't tell me when i handed out the wiener-dog lasers!?! good morning. lots of brake lights as you work your way in and out of san francisco this morning. we have reports of an accident northbound 280 at alemany so causing a backup out of daly city into san francisco. southbound 101 slow near candlestick. westbound 580 towards 680 lots of brake lights. northbound 680 slow towards walnut creek. and the south bay northbound 101 through san jose slow out of the south bay towards the peninsula. >> a lot of clouds outside now. we are seeing showers mainly to the north. let's look toward mount diablo. it's dry but you see those
8:28 am
clouds gathering in that direction. hi-def doppler picking up on some light showers sliding into the north bay towards santa rosa. watch out for that in that part of the bay area. otherwise, temperatures this afternoon fairly mild into the 60s. next couple of days rain returning overnight for the rest of the bay area and into tomorrow. then thursday and friday we dry out. this weekend looks like some sunshine, just a couple of clouds but dry.
8:29 am
have you heard this story? there are now reports that militant islamists are protesting kim kardashian's visit to bahrain this morning. kim kardashian is in saudi arabia. apparently kim was over there opening a store and the militants say she has a bad reputation and they can't stand her being there. you know what this means? finally something our two
8:30 am
cultures agree on. [ laughter ] this could bring peace! this could bring peace to the middle east! welcome back to "cbs this morning." the new research shows more americans are skipping restaurants and making their own meals. that is very good news for the company that sells gourmet cookware and then teaches people how to use it. >> jack schwefel is the company's ceo. welcome. >> thank you, charlie. >> what's the secret behind your success? >> i think it's 40 years of history and 40 years of experience. our first store opened in seattle 40 years ago this past september. we just celebrate our 103rd store opening. one more to go tomorrow in new jersey. >> for those who don't know, what do you do? >> we teach people a little bit about cooking. we celebrate discovery of the kitchen. >> you know what's so interesting, you guys will get a kick out of this. because these guys are both golfers, unlike myself. that you equate a cook to a golfer. how so? >> if you can innovate something in the kitchen, it's very similar to a golf club.
8:31 am
every season the golf club companies come out with their new club different level of titanium in the driver shaft, and for a golf that thinks they can get a couple more yards out of that club they'll buy a new club every year. >> that's exactly right. i'm a golfer and not a chef but in the past several years, i have appreciated how creative cooking can be and would be for that reason attractive to me. never too late to learn. >> never too late. cooking -- we were talking about this before. cooking is love. the more you cook, the more you realize it's like giving someone a big hug. >> i like it even more. >> what do you see that people are buying? what does it say about the evolution of cooking? >> there's a lot of different things. there's a lot of technology being put into things like cutlery and cookware where things are happening faster than ever before. but also there's an entire movement in this country -- actually, worldwide, called slow food. >> slow food. >> where you really celebrate
8:32 am
the actual action of cooking, not just the finished product. >> do men and women shop differently in your stores? do you notice a difference? >> you know, clearly we've set up our stores historically for women, because that's who our core customer was. we've seen a significant shift. >> what are men buying? >> men buy knives. men like knives. >> i knew that was the answer. >> what do they like about a knife? >> sharp knives. >> what about that, 75% to 80% of your customer base are women. what are they buying? what does that say about the purchasing power of women? >> they're buying a vast array of products. coffee has become the new wine in america. that can be from a poor filter to an automated coffee center that can be an kpesexcess of $4,000. >> what i think is so cool are the kicking classes that you do. the most popular one you say are the date night classes all around the country. what happens at date night
8:33 am
class? >> date night class is where someone brings their prospective date to the class and we really come up with a curriculum where you work as a couple and you create the meal and then share the meal together as a couple. it started in one of our classes in chicago a few years ago. we spread it around to the 18 or 20 schools that we had at the time. we now have 40 schools. and they all teach date night at least a couple times a month and it's our number one class across the country. >> it's like cooking foreplay. >> there you go. >> you borrow that if you want. >> bringing foreplay into the conversation. >> gayle's back. >> last time i was there, i did think it was a little expensive. how do you compare yourself to crate and barrel and williams sonoma? >> there are very expensive things, but there are also very inexpensive things. you can find gifts under $15 for
8:34 am
the holidays hundreds of items for them. or you can spend a more elaborate amount if you so choose. >> and please choose. >> do you say that you're more high end than williams sonoma and crate and barrel? >> i think we're comparable. we import far more product that europe and china. there's value to that. >> do the women that come to your shop immediately leave and go over to victoria's secret? [ laughter ] >> you know, it's a good argument. it's a good question. >> can you cook? >> yes, i can. i'm not a great cook. my wife's a great cook. but i'm a better cook today than i was seven years ago when i started. >> i like your store very much. thank you for coming. >> thank you very much. >> that's jack schwefel. when you think of victoria's secret fashion show, you always think of the wings, right? right? >> no. >> we'll meet two of the angels
8:35 am
from that famous runway who are hot, hot, hot, coming up next
8:36 am
8:37 am
some of the world's most beautiful women in the season's hottest lingerie will be onstage for tonight's annual victoria's secret fashion show. >> two victoria's secret angels are with us right now, adriana lima and alessandra ambrosio. hello, angels and welcome. >> hi. good morning. >> good morning. >> this is what i've always wanted to ask you guys because really i have seen grown men literally drooling. drooling. terrell brown did a package about you yesterday. i thought the guy had 106 teeth he was smiling so big. and i made a joke about charlie needing a bib this morning. but i would like to know what it's like for two of you when you're walking around the stage. you know when you walk in a room that guys are going whoa. >> well, we're experts on bibs by the way. because we both have two kids.
8:38 am
>> you both had babies this year. >> yeah. >> so that's what people really want to know. how did you just have a baby what, two months ago? and was able to do the runway. >> it was the biggest challenge of my life really. >> of your life? >> yes. >> getting in shape? >> getting in shape. because you don't know what nature is going to return to you. you do your job. i was working out. >> were you really worried what nature was going to return to you? >> i'm brazilian and i'm a woman. i was really curvy when i was pregnant and i gained a lot of weight, really. >> what's your definition of a lot of weight? i'm curious. >> something over 40 pounds. much, much much more than that. i don't want to give it away. so it was a challenge. but nature was good i guess. thank you, nature. >> she did this show like a
8:39 am
month and a half after, like six weeks after she gave birth. >> what was the first thing you pigged out on after the snow. >> after the show? >> yes, right after. >> french fries. >> i actually had pizza. i had a pizza delivered to my house. >> tell us what's different about tonight's show from years past. >> okay so tonight, we have rihanna, we have bruno mars we have justin bieber. >> why is music so important for this particular show? you always get the top people. >> you know victoria's secret became like parts of christmas culture right now. the whole world is watching. everybody sits to watch. so we really think about -- you know to bring the christmas energy to people. >> and it's a big production. this show, it's a big production. it's not just a regular fashion show. owe get to see all the angels. there's the $5 million bra.
8:40 am
>> let's talk about that bra for just a second, because you we're it. >> uh-huh. >> do your breasts feel differently or look better -- >> i have to say, i enjoy every second i was on the runway. >> does it feel differently? i'm serious. >> definitely. you just want to walk so the whole world can see it. >> it boosts your confidence. >> you don't need a $2 million to boost your confidence. >> but it's nice to have. >> how much is your bra that you're wearing today? >> tmi. justin bieber performed. what do you think of him? >> well my daughter loves his music. >> a little young for us. >> he was very young. but he was perfect for the pink section. he was such a good performer. and the first time that i saw him dancing, he was amazing. >> he is an incredible dancer.
8:41 am
when people think about victoria's secret and the angels and modelling in general, people really don't think what you do is hard work. you're aware of that right? they think okay, you just get there and sashay down the runway. >> well, we hear that from everybody. you just have to look pretty. it's not true. there's a lot of work that goes behind it and a lot of traveling and getting -- like looking good all the time like being healthy healthy. >> the kids behind that, newborns. >> being with them for important things. >> this is somebody -- norah, when she was 11, she was so self-conscious about her ears because she had her ears pinned back. >> i couldn't take it in school. i said doctor do anything. >> you were bullied because you thought you were unattractive. >> well i had these ears like a
8:42 am
little dumbbow.o. >> well you look pretty good little dumbo. the show is one of the highest rated shows. >> the sexiest night on tv. there you go. >> the 2012 victoria's secret fashion show is tonight at 10:00/9:00 central here on cbs. we've got rudolph the red nosed reindeer, "ncis," and then go get grandpa, victoria's secret show coming on at 10:00. models dress one way, richard lewis dresses another. the man in black will be with us next on "cbs this morning."
8:43 am
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as we showed you earlier prince william and kate's baby headlines all
8:45 am
around the world, and the future of this prince or princess is already set. >> and as ben tracey reports, he or she follows in a long line of future monarchs who have gotten our attention at a very early age. >> reporter: for anyone who doubts the relevance of the royal family apparently royal babies to be are still big news. >> it's absolutely wonderful news, and i'm delighted for them. i'm sure they'll make absolutely brilliant parents. >> reporter: the bloodline is the key to a monarchy's survival, so the not so unspoken duty of royal wives has been to produce an heir and preferably a spare. queen victoria gave birth to nine children. she described being pregnant as a job hazard. prince william was welcomed with a 41-gun salute. >> people were certainly hoping for a boy back in 1948 as they were in 1982 when prince william
8:46 am
was born because the next in line to the throne had to be a male. >> but that royal rule has been dethroned. william and kate's wedding stirred calls for modernizing the monarchy. so last fall with no public opposition from queen elizabeth, the british commonwealth changed 300 years of tradition, allowing a first born daughter to assume the throne over a younger brother, and also letting monarchs marry catholics. william and kate's child will now replace prince harry as third in line to the throne. and unlike other royal offspring who have been raised by the royal staff, william and kate are expected to be much more involved in their child's life. >> kate is a sort of solid middle class girl. she comes from a middle class family. she has married into the royal family. but she brings a set of values and approaches that are just different. >> reporter: the royal family may be changing with the times, but the frenzy over the future
8:47 am
heir to the throne is firmly following tradition. for "cbs this morning," ben tracey, los angeles. >> i for one am hoping it's a girl. they're already starting to think about baby names. i'm going to throw shanteria out there for consideration. it's a nice name. what are you think richard lewis? let me introduce you first. and then you weigh in. >> it's a pleasure to be on your show. >> he needs no introduction. >> one of the victoria's secret models was a fan. joyce, i love you. i'm monogamous finally. >> joyce i assume is your wife. >> i got married late in life. >> i know you did. >> so i got all the bad stuff out of my system.
8:48 am
>> why did you wait so long? >> because i wanted -- i had problems and i knew it and i wanted to be healthy enough to -- in a lot of ways to piend s tos to find the right woman. we had a window for children. lick a three, four-year window. but to be in my 60s now and have a 9-year-old and make believe he made an ashtray. believe me nice ashtray, artie. i couldn't. my kids, my nephews have 14 kids and two great grandchildren. so i'm uncle richard. >> how many years have you been doing standup? >> 43. >> and you claim you've never told the same joke? is that true? >> no that's not true. i have about 50 or 60 hours in my computer. i write constantly. and every show is different.
8:49 am
but comedians usually have a sweet spot. i have a sweet spot. if i repeat a theme, doing caroline's in new york if i repeat a theme on "the late show," it will be totally different, because i'll be bored. if the audience is going with me, i'll just riff with them like a jazz guy. >> are you doing it any differently after doing it all these years? >> when i started out as a kid, you had get on "the tonight show." you had to do every night the same act. you had four monologues. >> this was at the comedy club in l.a. >> i was born in brooklyn so i started in new york. the improv, actually. i moved out to l.a. because when johnny moved, you had to move. johnny moved, i've got to go. but once i became a regular on those shows, i said wait, this is boring. because to me, i really wasn't that validated by my family.
8:50 am
they didn't get it. >> you tell the story about your mom. you were going to be on carson and you said who else is going to be on? is that true? >> i'm on with johnny. she said who else is on? mr. t. i don't know. she didn't get me. i understand it. >> but it's not johnny today. is it david today? >> david gave me my first big break. david invited me to his office once back in the ' 080s before he got his late night show and he said you come on any time you want, but just sit down because you're so frantic. on the camera you look amateurish. you're a crazy monkey. so just sit and be nutty. and i did about the -- the first six years i did about 80 letterman shots. he put me on the map. then i got a series with jamie lee. my old buddy david. >> i love you and david
8:51 am
together. >> i met him and i despised him. he was an arrogant nut case. >> has he changed? >> no. >> he's a genius. >> what were you like at 12? >> i was a chubby obnoxious -- >> he's very rich, too. >> he's a genius. he's a brilliant man. but in ten second or less we hated each other. we went to this sports camp. and then we became best friends inseparable. and i was staring at him and i got spooked out like a polanski movie. went the a sports camp. it was like you were that guy? it was a billion to one. it was unbelievable. he gave me the job. he came over to my house and said -- >> i love you on that show "curb your enthusiasm." >> he's aself down talking
8:52 am
about your anxieties. are you a inn a good place today? >> i actually dozed off. she was so sick of me talking about my mother. >> thank you. great to have you here. >> look how fast. i blew it. i went too fast. congratulations on this show. >> caroline's comedy club. >> you look good in black. >> that does it for us. up next your local news. we will see [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ]
8:53 am
[ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
8:54 am
>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good morning, everyone. 8:55 your time. i'm frank mallicoat with your cbs 5 headlines on this tuesday. police say they discovered a very elaborate pot growing operation inside this home in east san jose about 3:00 this morning. officers received reports of a burglary on sandalwood court and when they got this they
8:55 am
found about 300 pot plants with a street value of $125,000 inside. no word on who owns the home. muni metro service is back to normal on market street in san francisco this morning. the blown transformer stopped the trains about 6:00 last night. earlier last night a woman in a wheelchair was hit. the back side of westbound f trolley hit her and dragged her from dolores to church street. she is in the hospital with life-threatening officers. the san francisco board of supervisors will decide whether low income youth will get free rides for a five-month pilot program next year. san francisco supervisors are already behind the proposal. don't look now, but lawrence is here and we have more rain. right? >> yeah. more rain heading toward the bay area. the good news is i don't think it's going to cause flooding. wet outside out there now
8:56 am
clouds around our skies that's dry into san francisco looking toward the golden gate bridge. hi-def def is picking up on raindrops most of that lingering to the north. i think the better part of the day rain stays north of the golden gate bridge but that will likely change as we head toward the nighttime hours. that's when it's going to sag further south. 60s for highs today. tomorrow looks like a return of a chance of showers. then we'll dry outcome thursday and friday. we are going to check out your "timesaver traffic" next.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning. northbound 101 a slow ride through san jose coming up from 680. you will see brake lights once you past 237. looks like your drive time is along 280 as well very slow from 101 to 85. that's a 22-minute ride. and northbound 880 through oakland stop and go towards the maze. drive safely.
8:59 am
>> today: feeling pity full in your pj's. >> do you find the feetsie pasquella cute? >> it's like >> it's like throwing an unforgettable pajamas party.

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